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Hello Everyone,

This is a thread about the newly organized and soon to be put into action Sparkade Build Team. The objective of this team is to gather all the creative minds from the server and put them together to make awesome things. The build team will do both recreational and objective builds, with spawns, arenas, and events being among the things being built for the objective aspect.

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the team, fill out the application in the thread linked here:
Please note that we are only interested in experienced builders at the moment, and you must prove your expertise is great enough to be on the team through the attachments on the application. You may also be asked to build for us on our own creative server. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to build with the rest of the team and participate in server builds as well.

As far as what permissions the builders have and where we will actually be building is still up in the air, but I thought I should let you guys know that this is happening and that the applications are now open.

Hope to see some of you guys apply!
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I think we can all agree that warp north looks gross as it currently is.

Attached is a poll of whether or not I should go and regen all the land. To clarify, all current claims would stand, the land would just by physically changed. It would be an incentive for people to build and would stop me from vomiting every time I have the unfortunate need to travel there.

Let the discussions commence.
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A few people have asked for it, so I'd be interested to hear what the community said about adding McMMO to the factions server. It's been said that it offers some pretty cool PvP buffs that would make combat that much more interesting. Feel free to discuss it in the comments.
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It's that time again!

A 1v1 tournament will be hosted on November 22, 2014 in the 1v1 arena.

The first match will start at 3 PM EST (12 PST, 8 GMT) and will last however long it takes, usually between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Gear will be provided for you, so do not bring anything with you. The gear is a set of standard diamond armor and a regular diamond sword. If you bring and use anything else, you will automatically be disqualified.

You MUST sign up to attend. Post your name below and you will be added to the roster. There are 32 slots. First come, first serve.

Be sure to make it on time and be ready WELL in advance. If you miss the event or your match, you will be banned from future tournaments. Do not sign up unless you are sure you can make it.

The winner gets a cheeky 32 god apples, a god sword, server wide recognition, and an admin red 1v1 before their name, regardless of nick.

Any other questions, feel free to ask me and I'll let you know.
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The new factions spawn is now loaded up and ready to go, including a new shop! Hop on and check it out!

There will be a few bugs with portals while we work to set everything up. Just be patient and they will be resolved.

Hope you guys like it!
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Hello Everyone,

Over the past few weeks, I've been working hard on making us a new spawn complete with new shop. The spawn will be ready in a few days and hopefully be launched by the end of the week. There is only one thing that we need to settle first. A world wipe.

As far as this goes, everything would be reset and there would be no carry over of chests, factions, money, items, enderchests, etc.

This could be beneficial, especially since we plan on changing the shop prices quite a bit. It would offer people a fresh "clean slate" in economical terms and would also give the new guys a bit off a buffer to help them out and catch up to the older guys.

If we choose to wipe the world now, then we will have the new world for a while. Alternatively, we can have the wipe at the end of November in preparation of the Holiday Season.

The choice is yours. Feel free to use this thread to debate it, and the poll to cast your vote.

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Here we go, a poll based on the suggestions you guys made. Vote for what you want to replace towny while we get it sorted!
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Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, towny has been down for a while because of 1.8, and there is no news of an update besides some odd rumors here and there.

With this in mind, we have decided to look for a "filler" minigame to put in place until towny updates or until we find an alternative plugin to use. This thread is here for you to give some suggestions on which games you would want to see. Post your suggestions down below, repeating the post if someone else has already suggested it. Feel free to voice your opinions.

A new thread will be created tomorrow with a poll of the most popular suggestions from here, and the winner will be implemented while we finish sorting out the plugin.

Thanks for the patience and cooperation while we sort this out,
by Mike at 1:44 PM
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Halloween Raid with IIJERiiCHOII, OMGitsfirefoxx, & Staff!

Date: October 18th at 4 PST ; 7 EST

General Information:
Players will look to raid a Halloween themed castle with chests, loot, hidden secrets and other awesome things inside! It won't be that easy though... The castle will not only be protected by Firefoxx, Jericho, and the Sparkade staff team, but players can also kill each other!
There's also a little catch... Players will only have the ability to see 5 blocks in front of them. There will be lava traps and other dangers around the area, so be careful!

How to Play:
On October 18th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST, players can join the Factions section of the Sparkade server. After you join Factions, head to /warp raid. At the raid you will instantly lose your ability to see more than 5 blocks in front of you, and the battle begins!!

Once at the raid, only the center of the area will be claimed. That means that your Factions has the ability to claim land around the raid area. That is something you will want to do, as the only way to get in the castle is by blowing a hole in it with TNT. It won't be that easy as our guards (Jericho, Firefoxx, and Sparkade staff) will be there to try to stop you.

Please remember that players on the raid have the ability to kill you too! Not only do you have to look out for the guards and traps... you'll also have to make sure you stop the other players from killing you too! If your teamwork prevails and you defeat the guards and blow a hole in the castle, inside awaits loot, prizes and more!!

Also, of course there's also side prizes by killing other players and taking their loot, and drops from killing the guards too!

This will be updated once we begin to receive questions. Please post any questions you may have below!

We hope to see everyone...
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There is a recent bug that has been discovered on the factions server. Exploiting this bug results in duplicating items and awarding infinite numbers of said item. This is what has caused the shop change. We are currently working on a permanent change to the shop to encompass this bug and ensure it can not be exploited. Until then, the shop will stay as it is.

As for the bug itself, if you are caught using it or if we have sufficient evidence that you exploited it in the past, YOUR ENTIRE BALANCE WILL BE RESET. That being said, if you participated in the exploit and contact a staff member IMMEDIATELY, things will be much more in your favor.

Those that continue the bug exploits will be dealt with on a 0 tolerance basis. Any that continue the exploit after already having their balance reset will face bans.